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In the Roots we are Together (ALisa's Song)

by Eleanor Brown



Written for ALisa.

Music by Eleanor Brown
Lyrics weaved by Eleanor Brown from the words of
ALisa Starkweather.
Artwork by Christina Lynch www.christinalynchart.com


I am still love

I am still here

Even in the ravaging crying of a river

I'm breathing this fire whilst still under water

I am still loving this heart on dilation

Unraveling unending keep singing her forward

I am still love

I am still here

We rise and we fall, are we wise or we fools?

Are we walking us home, are we leaving it all?

Cracking us open, gold digging down there

Are we saving our lives, are we great saboteurs?

In the roots, in the roots, in the roots we are together

We are here. We are love.
At the start of this year I received an email. The words were full of pain and love and courage; pure poetry that resonated deeply in me. They spoke of experiences that reached far beyond age and generation, life story or culture, and right across an ocean.

I really wanted to respond in words, to voice my support, but had none that quite meant what I intended. Instead something else rose in me directly from ALisa Starkweather's words and I wove them together and recorded this song right there in that moment on January 3rd 2016 and a few hours later had sent them back in a different form.

Sometimes it is in the instinctual gut moments that raw creativity transpires. This is my favourite form of song writing, and I love it when it happens like that. No studios, no editing, no obsessing. This isn't a piece that has been polished or painted or planned, instead it sprung directly from a moment of connection and released to do what it was intended for.

Music is medicine and it's an honour to write songs for other people. It was an honour to gift this to ALisa and have her receive it in the way she did. This song means very much to me, it is a medicine song, and though it was never my intention to share it with anyone else, here we find ourselves... for of course, in the roots we are together.

Eleanor has been with me though we live with an ocean between us. We have made food in my kitchen shared our cups of tea and conspired, cried and laughed into the late hours of the evening. We have been in the United Kingdom, her home for many years in initiatory realms by the fire, with the women on their wild paths of empowerment and sisterhood. Our trust for each other runs deep. We have an understanding between us and often we will speak to one another in the silence of our own lives to find that the other has reached out in answer over an email. Eleanor’s depth flows out into songwriting, farming, poetry and her own path as a seeker.
This is why it was so natural in a dark night of my soul to share with her without editing about my spirit wrestling from a long journey of heartbreak. My heartbreak came from the collective of women's trauma and being someone where at times the emotional dams break. My heartbreak was for climate change, the oceans, the earth and all life. I was in confusion of my life long work with women and whether I could continue and at the same time knowing that I can continue to stand as love even after emerging from my cave. She received my words thoughtfully and as she explained to me later, for her there were no words she could write back that could express what she wanted to in mere words that would suffice. What she could do best bubbled up in a magically inspired moment and this song was created. Believing it would only be private between us, she felt that this song was her way of being with me, looking into my eyes, heart to heart giving me support and letting me know that she understood where I was coming from powerfully through this shared experience. By the next day I received an email and what was inside from Eleanor was medicine. She took many of my words from our exchange and she sang them back to me in from her soul to mine. This song moved my heart to tears. Tears of being understood, tears of joy, tears of grief, tears of having a community among our deep roots and history with one another where Eleanor could hear the music and take the time to bring it into reality where our relationships can be heard in words, notes and melody. Whenever I have shared this song with others, especially those who know of our community and who we are to one another, it is received through our hearts opening us to feel the ground of one another in all that we hope for in life.
Eleanor, I will never be able to thank you for bringing this song to life. For me it is healing and I hope that in moments of confusion and doubt and a desire to keep showing up as love, to claiming our place even when we descend, that this song can be medicine for you too. Originally Eleanor sent this to me alone yet I knew that this music needed to be shared along with the story that brought it into being. It is a wayshower of how friends can be there for one another and out of that bring healing to our world. Thank you Eleanor. And thank you to all the women who are a part of this true root system which holds us. It is an honor to be connected underground and holding the sacred grove where the most beautiful work grows from.

Blessings to us all, ALisa



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Eleanor Brown UK




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