Meet You There

by Eleanor Brown

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This Train 'Aint Coming Round
This is not the End
Calling on the Wind
The Whale and the Buffalo
Back to Life
Meet You There
Pilgrim Song
Lay of the Land
Yours is the Sky


This album was generously crowdfunded by Philip Ralph. Sophie Boss. Sally Bartolameolli. Iouri Prokhorov. Debbie Lukas. Gemma Tracey. Jane & John Ingall. John Kurk. Amy Willoughby. Nigel & Beny Hunkeler-Brown. Lucy Dirksen. Siobhan Wooster. Christina Lynch. Mary Ann Clements. Orlagh Mcllevan. Rebecca Knight. Adi Howarth. Felicity Rock. Karen Ferberman. Caz & Tom Ingall. Liz Remande-Guyard. Jayne Blackman. Amy Chavez. Matt Jago. Di Sinclair. Matt Harris. Liset Dettingmeijer. Megan Oswald. Holly Almgren. Lucinda Pitman. Federica Stelli. Siiri Lane. Karin Green. Micki Schloessingk. Joe Marvelly. Alice & Nathan Lewis. Christina Piddington. Eve Goodman. Debbie Collins. Chrissie Sugden. Kieron Smith. Anna & Peter Bement. Kath Pasteur. Carol Ann Hooper. Amanda Earps. Mark Potter-Irwin. Ali Jeffrey. Stephanie Hatcher. Margaret Harris. Devon Grilly. Nicola Kurk. Deb Flying Horse. Becky Schupbach. David Atkinson. Jo Mckinley. Karen Marsh. Liz Terry. Sarah Strong. Laura & Steve Bates. Gail Battaglia. Digna Nelson. Sue Findlay. Brandon Jenkins. Jan Bou. Dena Lester. Sarah & Ben Merrel. Katie Chiaravolloti. Nick Holmes. Amy Waring. Anna Piggot. Maya Waldman. Alexandra Schueler. Nia Marvelly. Lucy Brisson. Gareth Davies. Megan Stein. Louise & Nathan Jones. Ant Flanagan. Ant Howell. Sarah & Steven Hunt. Cricket Hackney. Su Hall. Aisha Hannibal. Tony Wilkinson. Catie Joret. Sue & Tim Brown. Julie Cline. Claire Seguin. Caren Gilbert. Sarah Huws-Davies. Amanda Turk. Clare Broadbent. Junie Moon Schreiber. Terri Hogan. Paul Owen. Tiffany Montavon. Abbie Jebson. Cali White. ALisa Starkweather. Dom Elias. Briony McClean. Lucy Pearce. Sian Tomos. Gill Jebson. Veronica Krulish. Joey Walters. Katherine Allen. Kirstie Naimo. Anna Ludvigsen. Eleanor Shaw. Paul Taylor. Sophie Hunter. Beccy Owen. Jodi Sugden. Kathleen Hick. Jessica Smithson. Fiona Wilmot. Mel Shapcott. Sarah Morse. Heather Stickney. Patrick Driscall. Catherine Newell. Debby & Keith Badger. Emily Harris. Eileen Hoon. Glenn Miles. Fi Radford. Helen Hunter. Catherine Bicknell. Leslie Lanes. Joy & Nigel Mason. John Boiteau Jr. Ariane Roux-Pages. Rachael & Andy Richardson. Elaine Newman. Regine Neh. Cath Van Wyk. Beth Girshman. Zannah Palmer. Jane Carvell. Audrey Boss. Allison Johnstone. Karen Higgins. Sally Bourne. Sydney Sleadd. Katie Bennett-Davies. Val Jarvis. Heather & Tom Fullerton. Roberta Briant. Chrissy McFarren. Carol Parker Stein. Alys Kaye. Andre Van Wyk. Louise Stanion. Peter Anderson. Donna Males. Richard Brown. Karen & Neil Rushby. Jill Davis. Kerry Tudor. Jayan Nayar. Kate & Alun John. Elizabeth Klyne. Kate Siner. Constance Gause. Aly & Kit Loring. Fern Smith. Janine & Brian Hammond. Ruth Cohen-Rose. Nicole Oxendine. Aurore Tieura. Helen Lowithan. Ingrid Sattler. Lloyd Jones. Marie Wells. Kate Napier. Lauren McDade. Zoe Langley-Wathen. Rebecca Smith. Karen Stead Baigrie. Swan Gates. Beverly Blankenbaker. Bonnie Petano Yackovetsky. Stuart Gunner. Lizzie Rothschild. Verity Thompson. Lauren Rutten. Geri May. Ben Cowan. Pascale Meple. Coralee Chase. Lizzie Large on behalf of Emily John-Kestell. Plus 15 Anonymous Backers. THANK YOU.


releases September 1, 2017

Music & Lyrics by Eleanor Brown

Eleanor Brown - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo (6), Djembe (3)
Adam Thomas - Drums
Carolyn Ryves - Double Bass (2, 3, 6, 10)
Corben Lee - Trumpet (8, 10)
Daniel Fitzgerald - Electric Guitar (1, 2, 4, 10)
David Grubb - Fiddle (1, 2, 5, 6, 7), Mandolin (6, 10), String Arrangement (7)
Erin Jones - Backing Vocals (1, 3, 10)
Jess Green - Backing Vocals (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10)
Jez Sampson - Backing Vocals (5)
Joshua Vincent Goodey - Backing Vocals (3, 6, 10), Double Bass (7, 8)
Kirsten Miller - Cello (1, 5, 7)
Nia Ann Marvelly - Backing Vocals (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10)
Nigel Mason - Didgeridoo (9), Whistles (8, 9)
Simeon Smith - Synths, Programming, Banjo (3, 4, 7), Mandolin (4), Tenor Guitar (5), Electric Guitar (5), Piano (5), Bass (1, 4)
Tomos Lewis - Backing Vocals (1, 3, 6, 10)

Recorded by Simeon Smith & Bywyd Studio, 2017
Produced by Simeon Smith, Bywyd Studio & Eleanor Brown, 2017
Album Photography - Rachael Smith
Album Design - Christina Lynch

Many experiences, people, places and art have inspired these songs. It is important to note the writing of Rumi 'A Great Wagon' in Track 7, Ian Siddons Heginworth ‘April’ & T.S. Eliot ‘East Coker’ in Track 9, W.B. Yeats ‘The Second Coming’ & Clarissa Pinkola Estes 'Letter To A Young Activist During Troubled Times' in Track 6.

Deep gratitude to those who have travelled these roads with me. This album was made possible by the generous backing of 224 stellar people who are named individually on my website: thank you for bringing this to life.



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Track Name: Sinner of the Nicest Kind
Well I know what you’ve been thinking I’m the sheep that’s gone astray but I can tell you that I’m drinking from a well that’s flowing away yes overflowing from the source of it I'm tumbling spinning clean I’m skipping jumping howling running with the wolves who came for me / I am unfettered unencumbered I’m the rock that’s set for me I’m in the Nant Gorllewin threshold flowing down the West Grove stream and I will lick this land of honey and the milk will flow from me I’m in the exile of the east at least I’m finally set free / I climb a mountain out the city searching for the great sublime I race away from rhyme and reason ’cos the path just was not mine I travel on the road less travelled, in mindfulness this time I’m now a drifter and a wanderer; a sinner of the nicest kind / Oh hell I tried to write the sea today and it washed right over me I needed washing in the waves a babe baptised in the raging seas I am awake asleep awake I dream the desert endlessly I got to vanish in the vastness in this heavenly purgatory / Then I ride up to the border and I walk an ancient path, listen to the truth of redwoods a synchronicity that lasts I hear the voice of elders speaking feel the sacredness they mark I rest in sun and moon and water and I move on from the past / So now I’m making with the makers and I’m living in time with grain I make my home from what I have reject the dulled-down dumbing ways, I’m kinda sure I’m heading westward like the old communities o’ grapes of wrath, the past, the aftermath, it’s now we’ve come to save / I am a wolf in sheepish clothing and sometimes I'm the lamb and sometimes I’m the serpent oh yes definitely I Am unravelling narrative of bursting fruit, the rising of Devine yes Sheela I can see ya and that cross you got hidden behind. . .